MySQL Installation Step by Step Guide

MySQL Installation Step by Step Guide

MySQL Installation Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit mysql.com to download mysql installer

MySQL installer download

  1. Once downloaded, double click on installer file to run the mysql installer. I have already installed MySQL Workbench so it’s showing there.

run MySQL installer downloaded

  1. Click Add.. to add MySQL.

MySQL installation click Add to add mysql

  1. In Available Products Select MySQL Server 8.0.33 - X64 or the version you have downloaded and click right arrow to move it to Products to be installed list then click Next >

MySQL installation select products to be installed

  1. Click Execute on installation screen.

MySQL installation Execute

  1. Once installation done a green check mark will arrow beside MySQL Server 8.0.33 and status will show complete. Click Next >

MySQL installation complete

  1. Now Product Configuration Wizard screen will appear. Click Next >

MySQL installer Product Configuration Wizard

  1. On Type and Networking Screen we will with default options. Default port is 3306.

MySQL installer type and networking

  1. On Authentication Method use default option Use Strong Password Encryption for Authentication (RECOMMENDED). Click Next >

MySQL installer Product Configuration set root password

  1. On Accounts and Roles enter root password. Enter the same password.

    1. MySQL Root Password: 123456
    2. Repear Password: 123456

    Using the strong password is recommended but as I am on my development machine I am using simple password which is easy to remember.

  2. Now click Add User to add one more user (it’s optional).

MySQL installer Add User

  1. MySQL User Account

    1. User Name: webmastercampus
    2. Host: <All Host (%)>
    3. Role: DB Admin
    4. Password: 123456
    5. Confirm Password: 123456

    Click Ok

MySQL installer Product Configuration Add User Account

  1. On Windows Service screen we will go with default options.

    1. Windows Service Name: MySQL80

    Click Next

MySQL installer Product Configuration Windows Service

  1. On Server File Permissions Use default option

    1. Yes, grant full access to the user running the Windows Service (if applicable) and the administratora group only. Other users and groups will not have access.

    Click Next

MySQL installer Product Configuration File Permissions

  1. On Apply Configuration Click Exectute to setup all selected configuration so far we have done.

MySQL installer Product Configuration Execute

  1. Once configuration done it will show green check mark on all configuration steps.

    Click Finish

MySQL installer Product Configuration Finish

  1. On Product Configuration screen click Next.

MySQL installer Product Configuration Complete

  1. On Installation Complete Screen Click Finish.

MySQL installer complete screen

  1. Now you can close the MySQL installer screen.

MySQL installer close screen

  1. Now on windows click on Cortana Search and type Mysql.
    1. It will show you MySQL 8.0 Command Line Client option.
    2. Click on Run or Run as Administrator if you have rights.
    3. A Command Prompt will appear.

how to run mysql command line

  1. Enter the password 123456


  1. MySQL is ready to run with root level access.

mysql environment ready to run command

  1. Type SELECT VERSION();. It will display the MySQL Version.

SQL Select version

  1. Type SELECT user from mysql.user;. It will display all user in MySQL database because you are login with root user which have DB Admin role.

SQL user from mysql user

  1. Type SHOW databases;. It will display all available databases.

SQL show databases command

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