MySQL Workbench Installation

MySQL Workbench Installation

MySQL Workbench Installation

  1. Visit mysql.com to download mysql workbench.

workbench download page

  1. Run downloaded MySQL Workbench file.

workbench downloaded and run

  1. MySQL Workbench installation Setup Wizard will appear. Click Next.

workbench installation wizard

  1. Now You can select the Destination Folder. We will use the default folder. Click Next.

workbench installation wizard destination folder

  1. Now you can select Setup Type like Complete or Custom. Let’s select complete which is the default option. This will install all programs features. Click Next.

workbench installation setup type complete or custom

  1. MySQL Workbench ready to install. Click Install.

workbench installation ready to install

  1. Now MySQL Workbench installation status will show.

workbench installation status

  1. MySQL Workbench installation Wizard Complete screen will appear. Click Finish and as Launch MySQL Workbech now selected it will start the MySQL Workbench.

workbench installation wizard complete

  1. MySQL Workbench Welcome Screen will appear.

workbench welcome screen

  1. MySQL Workbench connect to database. Use default into Host and port 3306.

workbench connect to database

  1. MySQL Workbench enter password to connect with local MySQL Database.

workbench connect database password

  1. MySQL Workbench Query environment to execute any query you want.

workbench write query

Now you can select database and start writing query. Also, You can create database and even perform administration task on any database.

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